Preparation & English Language Programmes

English and Business Preparation Programme for pre-Bachelor

The Pre Bachelor Foundation programme allows students to, alongside the language classes, follow foundation modules of the International Bachelors in Business Adminstration (IBA) as preparation for their bachelor programme. The English and Business Preparation Programme, which we also call Prep Course or Foundation Programme for short, is offered in combination with a Bachelor Programme.

To complete this programme, students will take the English Language Proficiency Test, IELTS, in order to show that they have gained the required English level for entry into Wittenborg's programmes, all fully taught in English. Read more ..

Pre Master Programme

The Pre-Master programme is offered in combination with a one year Masters (MSc) programme, and enables students to reach the required level of English and develop the necessary skills required to undertake a Masters Programme successfully. Read more...

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Title Duration Tuition Fee
English & Business Preparation Programme (1 Year) 1 Year € 8,900 (1/Yr)
English & Business Preparation Programme (6 Months) 6 Months € 4,500 (½Yr)
Pre-Master's Programme 6 Months € 4,500 (½Yr)