Our Programmes Offered in Amsterdam

At our Amsterdam location, Wittenborg offers its BBA and MBA programmes specialised in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Small Business.

MBA & BBA in Amsterdam

The Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Business Administration (EBA), combines the specialisation in Entrepreneurship & Small Business with the BSc Business and Management, a University of Brighton degree.

The final year (year 3) of the EBA programme is delivered jointly with professors and lecturers from the University of Brighton.

The MBA in Finance and the International MBA (I-MBA), also offered at the Vienna Campus, complete the current package of exciting programmes.

The I-MBA offers students the opportunity to follow three days, a six week block, or even a full semester at the campus in Vienna. An overview of the programmes offered at the Amsterdam Campus is shown below;

Title Duration Tuition Fee
EBA (Bachelor) Entrepreneurship & Small Business - Double Degree 3-4 Years € 9,800 (1/Yr)
MBA in Finance 18-24 Months € 18,300
MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation 18-24 Months € 18,300
MBA in International Management 18-24 Months € 18,300
Top-up (Bachelor IBA & BSc) Entrepreneurship & Business (Double Degree) 1-2 Years € 9,800 (1/Yr)