EBA - Entrepreneurial Business Administration

4 Pathways of BBA ProgrammeEBA is one of 4 Pathways of the bachelor's programme 'International Business Administration' leading to a BBA degree. See Bachelor's - Undergraduate 4 Pathways for more information.

Double Degree With University of BrightonThe EBA programme is a Bachelor of International Business Administration in Entrepreneurship with three specialisations: Small Business, Digital Marketing, and Finance.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business allows you to obtain a single degree from Wittenborg as well as a double degree with the University of Brighton - achieving a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management.

This programme is aimed at international and local students who aspire to working within an international context in the fields of management and administration, either in business or non-commercial organisations. Entering the programme, you will have a feel for an intercultural and multi-lingual learning environment.

Meet your EBA teacherThe EBA is designed specifically to provide graduates with an extremely broad and equally balanced range of business, management and organisation knowledge, skills and competencies, whilst allowing you to specialise during the programme in the area of entrepreneurship, business start-ups, and innovation, through the development of business plans and models. The EBA is also aimed at providing you with the knowledge and skills that would enable you to further your studies at a higher level (master’s degree) if you wish to.

During the programme, you will find that project weeks, business plan execution and finally work placement and graduation will give you the real opportunity to try out your entrepreneurial skills and apply the knowledge of business that you have learnt during the programme.

EBA Specialisations